Why Used Cars are Perfect for Teens

April 14th, 2022 by

When your child gets their license, they will undoubtedly be dreaming of a hot new sports car or an amazing new truck. While that may be a fun dream, it really isn’t practical (or even safe) for most families. Instead, you should be looking at used cars for sale in Seattle, WA to pick up the perfect vehicle for your young driver. Take a moment to learn more about why used cars are the ideal option for teen drivers today.

Lower Costs and Insurance Premiums

The first, and most obvious, reason why used cars are great for teens is that they aren’t nearly as expensive. This starts with the lower up-front cost of buying the vehicle but continues into the lower insurance premiums that you will need to pay. When you consider both of these things combined, you will be able to save many thousands of dollars by looking at the beautiful vehicles on used car lots rather than buying something brand new.

Less Likely to Drive Aggressively

Teenagers often don’t have the maturity to drive as safely as they should. Whether they are excited to be behind the wheel on their own, or they are trying to show off to friends, it is all too common to see teen drivers being more aggressive than they should. Aggressive driving is always dangerous, but it is especially hazardous for teens because they don’t yet have the experience needed to drive this way. Putting teens behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle really makes them even more likely to push their limits because they know the car can perform. Teens tend to be a little gentler on a used car or truck.

Known Safety Ratings

While all new cars are put through rigorous safety testing, there is really no substitute for daily driving by real people. Once a specific make and model vehicle has been on the road for a few years, it is easy to really see just how safe it is. When you look for used trucks for sale, or used cars for sale, you can shop just for those that have exceptional safety records.

Shop for a Great Used Car Today

If you are in the market for a quality used car for your teen, our team is here for you. We have an excellent selection of used cars in the Bremerton area and will be happy to help you find the right one. We have been serving people throughout Seattle, Bremerton, and Bainbridge Island for years and we are ready to help you too. Visit us today or give us a call at (360) 616-3036 to get started.